About Alan

About Alan HowarthAlan Howarth portrait photographer

Portrait Photography is what I love – people are such wonderful things.

Every day is a new day; I’m always fresh and excited, always ready for any challenge.

Brief Bio

Born Cromer, Norfolk.

Don’t remember a lot, but last time I was there, June 2010, nothing had changed, though everything seem much smaller than I recall!

Age 5
Moved to Luton, Bedfordshire.

Junior School, Wolf Cubs, Bike Rides, Wardown Park Lake for sticklebacks, First girlfriend, Rosa Brown.

Age 11
Moved to Newgate Street, Hertfordshire.

I’m just a country boy! Running through fields and woods with my mates, later walking through fields and woods with Jennifer, my first love. She dumped me when I was 15.

And then?

Left school, left Newgate Street, learnt to hitch hike, spent a few years saying things like “Far Out Man” , busking badly, and spreading peace and love to the best of my ability.

Over the next several years I hit the highs, had four children, hit the lows when the 90’s recession bit my bum.

University of Central Lancashire and Freelancing in TV – Video – Photography – Writing – Web

It’s a brilliant life, so far – I’ve tasted fame, I’ve tasted failure, I’ve tasted just about everything. I’m an optimistic kind of guy . . . . . . and I’ve still got A Head Full of Ideas.

Give me a call

My single-minded approach to work and life means everything I’m involved with draws from the wealth and depth of my whole life’s experience – a range of creative skills – a sense of humour – a love of people – a head full of ideas – energy, excitement, enthusiasm, commitment, practicality, dedication, integrity, wisdom – and a host of good contacts

And I love Portrait Photography