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Portraits, Mature Women

are they about technique or chat?

One famous female photographer said it’s 10% technique and 90% chat

I understand where she’s coming from, but I think she’s wrong.

So are my portraits for mature women just pure photographic technique?

Of course not!

Portraits Mature Women - Jacqueline 9905Pure technique, the technical stuff of photography, is part of my life.

Like breathing in and out . . . and I like to breath in and out 100% of the time.

And I like to use my photographic technique 100% of the time too.

Anyhow, my photographic technique is what you’re paying for – how would feel if I only gave you 10%?

Portraits Mature Women - Michelle Malkin 002But along with the technical stuff, we need to create a relationship.

We need to communicate,

to share thoughts and ideas,

to develop a level of trust between us.

You need to know that I’m on your sideto feel confident we both want you to look your best.

All before my camera come out of the bag.

Portraits Mature Women - Donna_1433altSitting and chatting over a cup of coffee,

I notice how you move, how you turn your head,

I listen to what you’re saying – how you feel about being photographed.

I’m constantly gauging what will make my camera love you

That’s portrait photography technique.

Portraits Mature Women - Jane 008I study how you smile, how you laugh, how you look when you’re still and contemplative.

Because I need to understand you and your self-image.

Sometimes this can get very deep.

My portrait photography is finding the real, honest to god, heartfelt you.

The conversation continues throughout the portrait session

As the photographs are taken we’ll talk more and more.Portraits Mature Women - Liz 006

I hope as a confident, happy, grown-up woman, talking about yourself won’t be too traumatic. By the end of the session you’ll probably know a lot more about yourself and your motivations. Certainly you’ll know you are photogenic and look wonderful when seen through my lens.

Call me now, let’s start a conversation that leads to some

Great portrait photography of you, a mature women!

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