Portraits Older Women

I love photographing older women!

Portraits Older Women - Liz

I love to show you how great you can be in a photograph.

If you say: “I hate my photograph”

I’ll make you change your mind.

Because, I know, seen though my eyes, and my lens, you’ll look fabulous!

The right light, the right direction, the right encouragement.

Portraits Older Women Michelle 004

It’s a great experience

– just relax, be happy and enjoy yourself
I have photographed hundreds of women, and most of them don’t have a problem with the photography. In fact they enjoy the shoot, and when they see the finished images, they love them too.

Problem is, right now, everyone’s got a smartphone – and, for some strange reason, everyone thinks a smartphone makes them a photographer!

Portraits Older Women Alison 009I don’t get it, if I buy a pan, am I Jamie Oliver?

If I buy a pen am I Shakespeare?

But buy a smartphone and I’m a pro photographer . . .

Too many ‘photographers’ let you just stand there, they just hope you look good – but it doesn’t work like that . . . everyone needs help . . . everyone needs direction . . . and I mean everyone – even the most stunning professional models.Portraits Older Women Karen 001

Movie stars, or celebrities, generally get photographed by professionals – and only see the best images – so they always feel secure . . . and photogenic.

Everyone else gets snapped by amateurs – and because you see poor quality, hideous, unflattering snaps – you feel insecure . . . and, importantly un-photogenic.

Portraits Older Women JaneB009Not Photogenic!   Rubbish!

Everyone’s Photogenic!

Part of my ‘photography technique’ is to help you feel relaxed and confident.  To listen to what you have to say.  To develop a mutual trust and belief . To give you gentle, but constant, direction.  Together we produce some brilliant images.

OK, so you may be a little nervous at first,

But you’ll be feel fine before the shoot starts, and once the camera is out the bag, you’ll be having fun – and we’ll be making images you’ll love.

Call me now

let’s start a conversation that leads to some great portrait photography.

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