Portraits Women over Forty

portraits women over forty - Coral 5Portraits Women Over Forty

Women over 40 have a special confidence and, for me, it makes them very exciting to photograph.

I suppose the reason is, after reaching a certain age, you’re ‘grown ups’.

There’s a reality about you.Portraits Women Over 40 - Jacqueline 3

You’ve lived through so many things.

You’ve worked through the hard stuff.

You know there’s probably more hard stuff to come.

But nothing fazes or disturbs you.

You’re comfortable with who you are – it’s the ultimate ‘cool’.

And this cool confidence makes you beautiful

Portraits Women Over Forty - AlisonW 005It’s an inner beauty that shines through everything.

It’s why I want to take portraits of women over 40.

I really enjoy making people look good, making them feel good, boosting their confidence.

People tell me they love the experience and love the pictures too.

What I do is create something natural – mostly in black and white.

I want to make you happy, to feel wonderful, to feel fabulous  – not perfect . . . because perfect is boring

The idea of an older woman wanting to be photo-shopped into a perfect, blemish-free and characterless twenty-something is ludicrous . . . and a little psycho-scary.

Portraits Women Over 40 - DonnaW001

The photo session could take place in your own home, or on location, in town, a coffee shop, the countryside or anywhere you like

Anywhere you feel you’re calm, confident and relaxed.

And because you’re calm, confident and relaxed you’ll be more openly yourself.

It’s about having fun . . . with photos.

Portrait photography for women over forty – let’s do it

Call me now, let’s start a conversation that leads to some great portrait photography!

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