Your Portrait

Your Portrait Appointment

Phone or email to make your appointment.  I’ll do everything I can to arrange a time that suits you and your lifestyle – early mornings, evenings and weekends.

There’s a sitting fee of £50 payable when you book your appointment.  Online bank transfer, is quickest and easiest or pop a cheque in the post, but if the appointment is within a week or so, I happy to accept cash on arrival.

If you need to cancel 24 hours notice will let you use your sitting fee for a new appointment.

Your Portrait Photography

I’ll arrive at your home, we’ll sit and chat for a while, drink coffee maybe.

Once you’re comfortable, confident and at ease and I feel I understand everything you want to achieve we start taking photographs.

This can take a while, especially if you have changes in mind.

There’s no hurry though, anything from 1 to 2 hours is usual – much beyond that things seem to start drifting.

Just in case you feel uncomfortable being alone, it’s fine to have someone else, a friend, partner or family member with you. Maybe even talk to me about making a double appointment.

Your Portrait Images

After I have processed your photographs, usually about 5 days, I will visit you again to show you your portrait images*.

We can discuss how you want to use them – framed prints, portfolio album, maybe an acrylic block or a canvas.

There’s so much choice

I’ll bring samples and ideas – you’ll probably have your own ideas too.

As a guide: a regular 7″ x 5″ print is £11-20 and a fine art 20″ x 16″ print is £64-00 – excluding mounting, framing, laminating etc.

You also get a link to your own online gallery so you show all your images to friends and family. Perhaps you’ll can always choose more images for printing at a later date.

You can give anyone access your gallery – but be aware that if you give someone your gallery password they could give it to someone else!

Your Photography Delivery

Depending on how many images and sizes you order I will arrange to deliver, usually within 14 days.

Your Portrait Bonus

If your print order exceeds £150, I will reduce the amount payable to £150 up to the value of your sitting fee: e.g. print order values from £150 to £200 you only pay £150.

* If your location presents problems I will show you samples and discuss ideas at the time of the sitting. Naturally  you’ll only be given the online gallery. Of course, you will be informed of this before you commit to an appointment.